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Start with an advanced smartphone based deal/event program to increase traffic into your business and your profits.

Smartphone Based

DrinkedIn BarDeals/Events includes prebuilt deal and event cards that are stored in the smartphone’s wallet. The cards are always with your customers.

Flexible Offers

Full flexibility is offered so that deals can be customized for your clientele and not the other way around. Provide daily offers to your customers that bring them in more often.

Easy To Share

Go viral and let your existing customers share these deals with their friends – great for planning a meetup ahead of time to insure the entire crowd is there to enjoy your establishment.

Prepaid Events

Create custom event tickets that allow your customers to prepay for these events. Get funds and a count of attendees ahead of time and make the collection of tickets at the door smooth and efficient.


Your customers will get an easy to use and convenient digital card that they will always carry with them on their mobile phones. The days are over when they did forget the card at home or did trash it due to their overloaded wallet


Digital Deals/Events Card

The personal digital deals/events card is the starting point for interactions. The customer can update his profile, check for new offers and reserve event tickets. The best thing: the card will automatically update to the most recent offer and they’ll never miss out.

Deals/Events Stats

Know which deals and events your customers are redeeming and which get the best response. Complete statistics are available so you’ll know exactly what is working for you.


Every customer can create his own profile, allowing him to personalize his loyalty card. You can even reward customers with points when they enter their contact details like name, email or phone number.

Activity History

Every customer can create his own profile, allowing him to personalize his loyalty card. You can even reward customers with points when they enter their contact details like name, email or phone number.


Tailor your offers to your customers. Give great deals to your customers and motivate them with special time-limited offers. Send digital notifications and keep in touch with your customers.

Scheduled Offers

Set start and ending date for SPECIAL OFFERS let DrinkedIn Loyaly do the rest. The customer can be notified when offers become available and when they expire.


Prepaid Events

Do you have events with a fee (“cover charge”)? Not a problem as event tickets can be sold directly to your customers via their smartphone. The fees are prepaid direct to your account and entry into your establishment will be more streamlined and efficient.


You can remind customers when they are near your store using GPS location or iBeacon Micro-Location. You can also send messages about new offers or remind them to redeem the offers.


Keep control of your offers. You can define limits like only one offer per customer or put a limit on the total number of offers that can be claimed (first come first served).


Your customers will SAVE MONEY, enjoy using their customer card, share your vision and will feel special and valued. Your efforts of consistently producing those positive emotional experience will be rewarded with your customer’s loyalty

Saving Money

Customers can save a money with your SPECIAL OFFERS and they will like it!


Great Convenience

Mobile Wallet Loyalty Programs are so convenient to use – your customers will love it. Surveys show that 92 out of 100 customers don’t want to give up their personal mobile wallet cards (261 participants).

Strong Relationship

Your customers will feel special and valued. This will strengthen the relationship of your customers to your business.

Shared Vision

Your customers will share your vision of the mobile wallet and be campaninos on this journey. They will like to be part of something groundbreaking.


You will increase your revenue by various mean: You will get new customers and be better able to retain existing customers. You can up- and cross-sell your products and reduce your promotional and advertising costs by targeting the right customers. You will stand out from your competitors and make your customers happy — all this for an affordable price.

New Customers

The loyalty program will attract new customers to your business; either via customer referrals or your rewards and SPECIAL OFFERS.


Up and Cross Selling

Up-selling and cross-selling will help you sell more and enhance the value the customer get from your business (and vice versa).

Reduced Costs

You will be able to reduce promotional and advertising costs by targeting the right customers with right promotions.


A Mobile Wallet Loyalty Program will cost only a fraction of traditional loyalty programs – this makes it affordable for every business.


Choose best options that fits your needs

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