Brand Finder

A smart product locator with deep analytics. Get your customers to the cash register to buy your products and obtained valuable and actionable insight as well.

Smartphone Capable

DrinkedIn BrandFinder is responsive and made for mobile devices. Take advantage of critical “mobile moments” in order to engage your customers.

Facebook Compatible

The only product locator that works in Facebook on mobile devices and especially well suited for the Facebook Mobile App.

Consumer Analytics

Know who is looking for your products, where, when and which places (on-premise or off-premise) they are visiting. Obtain valuable insight into your customer’s purchasing behavior.

Laser Sharp Focus

Data obtained from BrandFinder provides your marketing efforts with laser sharp focus on your customers and their purchasing behavior.

Convert Customers

You spend marketing resources to get potential customer to be “thirsty” for your products. Now they want them and need critical “where to buy” information. BrandFinder gets them to the cash register both on-premise and off-premise.

Customer Insight

Get to know your customer. Who is looking for your product is key to understanding how to better reach them. Don’t market blindly. Rather get essential insight into your customer’s purchasing behavior.

Increase Sales

Your marketing resources are wasted if people don’t know where to find your products. Increase your sales and make sure your customers know where to enjoy your products.

Expand Smartly

BrandFinder is a smart product locator and knows who is looking for your products and where they are. Potential customers might be outside your current distribution area – know where to expand next based on pent up demand for your products.

Consumer Profiles

Consumer profile data includes information such as demographics, geolocation and other known social connections.

Actionable Analytics

A lot of product locators are basically maps with markers – that’s it. Useful information to the consumer, but absolutely blind to consumer behavior. DrinkedIn’s BrandFinder is a smart product locator with valuable insight into how consumers interact with your brand.

Impress Distributors

With more and more smaller craft/boutique brands, it is more difficult than ever to impress a distributor that your product will move in their territory. Our data shows demand in their area and can provide them evidence that your product will move efficiently through their system.

Full Service

DrinkedIn obtains your data direct from your distributors and does the integration relieving your IT staff of any headaches. If you bring on a new distributor, we just integrate their information as well into the mix.

Up To Date Information

DrinkedIn can handle updates as fast as your distributor can provide them. When they get new retail accounts, it’s reflected in BrandFinder right away getting your customers to even the newest locations.

Your Web Properties

BrandFinder sits on your website and/or your Facebook page providing your customers with this valuable information while staying within your web properties.